Digital Artist, Printmaker & Photographer

Digital Artist

I have been in Second Life since 2009, working under the pseudonym of Tizzy Canucci. My main artform as a digital artist is video – machinima, as videos in games worlds are called.

All of them can be found on Vimeo. I have had works selected for showing at Supernova Digital Animation Festival in Denver three years running now, and this is the latest.

I am fascinated by the interplay of creativity in Second Life. I am also very interested in how people use space as a social and creative environment. This reflects my background as a sociologist, modelmaker and photographer. The interview covers my background in photography, writing and modelmaking, and how I moved into video work and making machinima, as Tizzy Canucci. (Direct link).

I write a separate blog, Tizzy Canucci: Machinima maker and writer, that covers topics around how people build and inhabit virtual worlds, and I’m on twitter and flickr under that name.


This is the most recent extension of my practice.

I am particularly interested in turning images of my virtual world video work into paper and ink, a returning of the digital to the tangible and tactile. Each stage adds a new layer of artifacts that in combination produce a unique and unusual appearance.


My own photography of landscape and food was essential to the books I published – see more on the Food Writer page. This resource has been lying unused for some time, since I started working in other areas. However, I have now started using them in printmaking.

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