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The Lake District & Cumbria in recipes and photographs, and Yorkshire in recipes and photographs. Two books by Tess Baxter.

I have written two books, one for Yorkshire, the one for Cumbria and the Lake District. They both contain local and traditional recipes alongside local scenes and a wealth of local and food history.

The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs

Now in its third edition, after 10 years in print. The book covers the present county of Cumbria and the old lake counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire north-of-the-sands, with an emphasis on the Lake District. Recipes include Sticky Toffee Pudding, Lakeland Gingerbread, Cumberland Rum Nicky, Tatie Pot, Borrowdale Teabread, Kendal Mint Cake, with 15 more.

32 pages, full colour throughout, 21 local and traditional recipes, 114 photographs of the landscape and the recipes, and a map. B5 landscape format (240x168mm). ISBN: 978 0955 3749 37


Available from:

Dane Stone Publishing




Yorkshire: In Recipes and Photographs

Now out of print.

6 thoughts on “Food Writer

  1. I really love your postcards. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more recipes. Soft Lakeland Gingerbread sounds right up my street! Thank you.

  2. Hello Tess!
    I have a couple of your recipe postcards. I’ve just cooked the Weardale Leek Pudding and it was delicious and very easy. But the recipe card for Alston Tatie Cake mentions cream in the method but it’s not in the list of ingredients? How much cream should I add please?

    We hope to visit that area again next summer.

  3. Hi Rose. I had to look that up – one of the challenges with fitting recipes on postcards is the editing and re-editing to get it to fit the space. Usually I pick up on these errors, but clearly not in this case. Though I amended the recipe for the book earlier this year.
    It’s just one tablespoon – not a lot, just to moisten and to make it a little, well, creamier.

  4. Thanks very much Tess. I’ll give this a try soon, just busy with the Christmas stuff at the moment. I’ve just seen your Christmas cards with recipes so I’m going to order some. Hope you are enjoying your new kitchen. It looks fab!

  5. Thanks Rose! Just got your order through and will send them off today. Flooring went down in kitchen yesterday and I’ll do some more photos once the fridge is squeezed under the cupboards tomorrow.
    The storage heater fuse blew yesterday – there should be enough clearance, but it’s not a generous space where it is and it may be getting too hot. There’s always something!

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