Printmaker & Video artist

Light on screen meets ink on paper. Different ways of seeing the world, not one is not better than the other. All of my printmaking started with digital art produced within the virtual world of Second Life. Some are still images, but most of it is from my video art.


I am interested in turning images of my virtual world video work – light on the screen – to ink on paper. A return of the digital to the tangible and tactile. Each stage of creation adds a new layer of artefacts that combine into unique and often unusual appearances. These are images of the original prints for sale. They are also available as greetings cards.

In most cases, the digital image is printed on acetate sheet, and the image transferred to photopolymer plate. It is then printed using a traditional press, using Cranfield Colour‘s traditional etching ink on Hahnemühle paper.

All the work is for sale. Most of it was completed from late 2019 to early 2020, just before Covid-19 hit hard. Printfest was going to be my first sales event. In all the necessary adjustments to life, it has taken time to get everything on the website.

However, I’ve had mail order businesses previously – the book about traditional food that’s still in print was part of an extensive postcard range I started in 2000. I will guarantee that orders will be dealt with as quickly as possible. In the present circumstances, however, timescales are impossible to guarantee.

A price list for all the sizes will go up in the next couple of days. In the meantime, please send me an email for more details.

Each of the images shows a specific, numbered print that is currently available. One of the characteristics of my technique is hand inking. In some prints there is little variation, but in others it is considerable. If you would like to see the full range available before making a purchase please send me an email.

Because the prints are available unmounted, unmounted and framed, and there is variation in colour, the website is not set up to directly take orders. Please contact me to finalise exactly what is wanted, and I will then send you a money request that can be paid with a credit or debit card or through Paypal.