Writing and Publications

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Falling between Worlds:
 Catalogue of video art 2016-2020 (2020) Dane Stone Publishing. ISBN: 978-955374944

The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs (2006, 3rd ed 2015). Dane Stone Publishing. In print. ISBN: 978-0955374937

Yorkshire: In Recipes and Photographs (2011). Dane Stone Publishing. Now out of print. ISBN: 978-0955374913

Contributor of article or section

“Found collaboration”, and the art of leaving things for others to find and use. Media-N journal article, due to be published December 2020.

Against racism cover images: Tess Baxter. Falling Between Worlds: video poster (2020) International Visual Sociology Association. Call for Journal cover images, contributions made available online: https://visualsociology.org/?p=6791

In Defence of Holism: textures and materials, words conversing with images, theory with practice, disciplines joined together (Sept 2020). The Sociological Review. Reviewed journal article online. Available at: https://www.thesociologicalreview.com/in-defence-of-holism-textures-and-materials-words-conversing-with-images-theory-with-practice-disciplines-joined-together/

Return to the Virtual World (July 2020) Included in the crowd-sourced digital ethnography of the COVID-19 Pandemic, set up by UCL Centre for Digital Anthropology.

Tizzy Canucci, in, WomenCinemakers Biennale 2018 Special Edition on Independent Cinema, Documentary, Dance Video, Experimental cinema and Video art. Official Selection, for the video work The Digital Pilgrims.

There is No Cure for Curiosity, in, Mobile Utopia: Art and Experiments (2017) Jen Southern, Emma Rose and Linda O Keeffe, Monika Büscher, p29. ISBN: 978-1862203396

Natura e cultura; carbonio e rifiuti (translated by Barry Smith into Italian), in, Alimentazione, la sfida del nuovo millennio (2015) Alberto Michelini (ed). Gangemi Editore, Roma, pp36-38. ISBN: 978-8849230918

Lattices and Curled, in, Living Words: An anthology of poetry (2015). Swarthmoor Hall Press.

Community Cookbooks and the Culture of Recipe Sharing, in, Farechoice Issue 58, December 2011. Community Food and Health (Scotland).


Tess Baxter, aka Tizzy Canucci, discusses her Supernova 2020 World on Fire entry “Out of isolation came forth light,’ and work in Second Life, the focus of her PhD submitted in 2020 (2020). Supernova website. Interviewed by Sharifa Moore.

The photographer subculture inside Fallout, GTA and Left 4 Dead (and Second Life), in, Hopes and Fears (2015). Interviewed by Richard Moss.