Tess Baxter

Writer, Printmaker, Video Artist and Photographer

I am a writer, visual artist and academic. I combine writing, the photographic image, the video or moving image, printmaking, and publishing. I am currently studying for a PhD in Contemporary Art at Lancaster University, which further draws on my diversity of life experience.

Tess Baxter

My latest development in artistic practice is printmaking. This developed out of my previous interest in video or machinima making. It has commonalities, for example in the layering of colour, of collage and montage. But it also has differences: the digital is based on light and screens, whereas printmaking works with ink, pigment and paper.

I am interested in virtual worlds, in particular the creativity in them. I work under the pseudonym of Tizzy Canucci in Second Life, and this is where I started producing machinima. Video or moving image making is probably a more useful name today for those who experiment artistically. My creative influences are wide, and I draw from the last century of film, animation, poetry, music and literature.

In my academic work I look at creativity in virtual worlds, and as a practice based PhD, work with my own video and image making, my printmaking and writing. I am particularly interested in relating literary theory to visual theory and ethnography, which reflects this and my previous work in food writing. There is more about this in my Research Profile at Lancaster University.

Prior to this, in 2001, I set up Dane Stone Publishing to publish my work around community cookbooks and local food traditions and history. This was initially a series of postcards featuring local and traditional recipes covering the north of England. I then wrote two books that went into more detail: The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs (2012 & 2015, still available in print from Dane Stone Publishing) and Yorkshire: In Recipes and Photographs (2011, now out of print). There is more information on my Author Profile at the Society of Authors.

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