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Tess Baxter

Tess Baxter

I’m fascinated by the visual image, film and virtual worlds. Food is important. And politics, sociology and social history too. I’m lost without a computer.

My current main area of interest is making machinima (videos) in virtual worlds, working under the pseudonym of Tizzy Canucci in Second Life. I am interested in expanding the possibilities of the medium by exploring a significant technical problem or a social issue in each work. Technically, machinima are video recordings of a game. But virtual worlds are made of elements from the actual (or real) world and I am interested in using both what is imported and what is exported to comment on actual world issues. My past – three dimensional modelmaking, social and political concern, editing the graphical and verbal form – all come through in my machinima, as does my long fascination with animation. But my influences are wide and draw from the last century of film, poetry, music and literature. I am currently studying for a PhD in Contemporary Art at Lancaster University in this area.

In 2001, I set up Dane Stone Publishing to publish my work around community cookbooks and local food traditions and history. This was initially a series of postcards featuring local and traditional recipes of the north of England. I wrote two books that built on that work: Yorkshire: In Recipes and Photographs (2011, now out of print) and The Lake District and Cumbria in Recipes and Photographs (2012 & 2015).

You can read more about what I do by following the links in the menu above.

Tess was born in near Wigan in 1959. She has lived in the Lake District since 1981 and knows most of the north of England pretty well from her photography trips. She returned to study in 2006 and graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Central Lancashire and an MA in gender, sexuality and culture from Manchester University. Currently she is studying for a Doctorate in contemporary art at Lancaster University.

4 thoughts on “About Tess

  1. Hi Tess

    I found your gorgeous picture of a slice of Yorkshire curd tart online and wondered if I might be able to include it as part of a food feature the Yorkshire Dales National Park’s annual newspaper, The Visitor, which we are about to publish? The article is all about loving local, Dales food traditions and the farming landscape.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, that would be fine, but I would want a suitable credit for its use. You’ll need a higher rezz picture than the one on the website, which I’ll be able to provide. All my contact details are available on the Dane Stone Cards site.


  2. Tess
    I see that you have a Preston Guild 1972 cook book and I have been searching for one of these for ages. I used to have one and lent it to somebody and it was never returned. I used to make a gingerbread cake from one of the recipes and now my daughter would also like to use this same one. Do you know where I can get a copy of the cook book from.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Lesley,
      I’m afraid I couldn’t say. I’ve only ever seen one copy of that book, and it’s getting increasingly difficult to find any of these old books.
      There are just three or four gingerbread recipes, so I’ll copy them out and send them to the email address you put into the form for this comment.

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